April Fools

Whatcha doing Pirate?  

(muffled) Ish gon pwa’ t’ck on Momma.

What? Spit that chicken foot out.  Don’t you like your chews?  I chewed mine up a long time ago.

I said, “I’s gonna play a trick on Momma.”  Today’s April Fools Day.  And yes, I like my chew, but sometimes saving them for a bit makes them taste better.  Plus you can use them to play tricks.

How you gonna play a trick?

I’m gonna put this here chicken foot and some other stuff under her pillow and make her think I put a voodoo curse on her.  

Ooooh! She’ll be surprised for sure! Can I help?

Sure!  Can you go get a sock out of the laundry basket?

Got one! 

Perfect.  Now we just flip back the pillow and put the chicken foot here.  There.  Now the sock should go here.  That’s it.  Now we just drop the pillow back down and fluff it a little bit.

Let’s go wait on the dog bed for her to find it.  Here she comes!  HAHA! WE GOT HER!


[Editor’s note:  This post is based on a true story.]


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