This is WAR!!



What?! What the Pug? Doesn’t the cheeken know dat dis is our house? Yeah, we live here not cheekens.  Who said it was okies for the cheeken to come into our yards and do chicken things on our grass?

Well, I sure as Shih Tzu didn’t!  I don’t know why Mom won’t let us out to chase it either.

Because the chicken isn’t bothering anybody?


It’s the principle of things, Pirate. This is OUR YARD and we must defend it!

You guys want me to see if I can talk to the chicken? Find out what it’s deal is?

We don’t negotiate with chicken invaders!  We need to formulate a battle plan!  TAKE NO EGG PRISONERS! 

What are you doing with that box and tug toy? Why do the little dogs have food bowls on their heads?  What is going on around here?!  Put that hammer down! Where did you find sand bags?!

THIS IS WAR! We must prepare.  Those are their helmets.  I’m building a cat-a-pult. We will launch a preemptive strike before the rest of the chicken army descends on our posistion.

Yeah, ok… I’m gonna go see if Ma will let me talk to the chicken. Wait. Did you say CATapult?  LEAVE THE CAT out of this!

*Editor’s Note: There really is a chicken. We have no idea where it came from.  It just randomly shows up in the back yard.



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