This is WAR!!



What?! What the Pug? Doesn’t the cheeken know dat dis is our house? Yeah, we live here not cheekens.  Who said it was okies for the cheeken to come into our yards and do chicken things on our grass?

Well, I sure as Shih Tzu didn’t!  I don’t know why Mom won’t let us out to chase it either.

Because the chicken isn’t bothering anybody?


It’s the principle of things, Pirate. This is OUR YARD and we must defend it!

You guys want me to see if I can talk to the chicken? Find out what it’s deal is?

We don’t negotiate with chicken invaders!  We need to formulate a battle plan!  TAKE NO EGG PRISONERS! 

What are you doing with that box and tug toy? Why do the little dogs have food bowls on their heads?  What is going on around here?!  Put that hammer down! Where did you find sand bags?!

THIS IS WAR! We must prepare.  Those are their helmets.  I’m building a cat-a-pult. We will launch a preemptive strike before the rest of the chicken army descends on our posistion.

Yeah, ok… I’m gonna go see if Ma will let me talk to the chicken. Wait. Did you say CATapult?  LEAVE THE CAT out of this!

*Editor’s Note: There really is a chicken. We have no idea where it came from.  It just randomly shows up in the back yard.



April Fools

Whatcha doing Pirate?  

(muffled) Ish gon pwa’ t’ck on Momma.

What? Spit that chicken foot out.  Don’t you like your chews?  I chewed mine up a long time ago.

I said, “I’s gonna play a trick on Momma.”  Today’s April Fools Day.  And yes, I like my chew, but sometimes saving them for a bit makes them taste better.  Plus you can use them to play tricks.

How you gonna play a trick?

I’m gonna put this here chicken foot and some other stuff under her pillow and make her think I put a voodoo curse on her.  

Ooooh! She’ll be surprised for sure! Can I help?

Sure!  Can you go get a sock out of the laundry basket?

Got one! 

Perfect.  Now we just flip back the pillow and put the chicken foot here.  There.  Now the sock should go here.  That’s it.  Now we just drop the pillow back down and fluff it a little bit.

Let’s go wait on the dog bed for her to find it.  Here she comes!  HAHA! WE GOT HER!


[Editor’s note:  This post is based on a true story.]

Um, guys?

Guys! Guys! Guys!  Um, guys?  Guys! Wake ups!

Stop barking.  We sleepings. Yeah, go ‘way. Not even Noon yet.

But GUYS!!! 

What do you want Firefly? You know they’re cranky in the morning.

WE IS NOT! Now be quiet so we can sleeps.


Whoa! What was that?!


A cheeken?  Why der a cheeken in the yard?

I don’t know but Mom won’t let me go out to chase it.

Of course not, you’d hurt it.

BUT Chicken is delicious!

I agree, but that’s probably a neighbor’s chicken and if you hurt it they’d get mad at Mom.

*Sigh* You’re no fun.  I want chicken for breakfast.  

We had breakfast already.



Be quiets!  You bothering us!  You wouldn’t be able to catch it anyway. 

Sure I would, I’m fast as lightning.

Prove it. Go catch the chicken.

I told you, Mom won’t let me outside.

Did you try barking?  Sitting and waiting? Bringing her your leash? Making puppy dog eyes? That head tilt thing? Running from door to door? Jumping at the windows?

YES! I tried all of that.  I even tried jumping on her and pawing at her shoes. She just said “We can’t go outside right now”  It’s not fair.  

Hey guys, the chicken left.

Aww, man. And I never got to chase it.



What’s This?

What’s dis?  What’s dis? Why’s Firefly got all theses pictures all over. I don’ know.  We gots pictures on here?  I don’t see any. 

It’s my adventure blog and you two don’t get one cause you’re boring. 

WE IS NOT!!  I wants a blog.  I demands one.  What a blog?  

It’s where I get to tell all my friends about my awesome adventures.  Now why don’t you two get back in yer basket before I bites ya. 

NOT ALLOWED TO BITES US! Momma will give you a time out. I’m telling! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!

Geez, chill out.  It was just a joke.  If I let you be on my blog will you stop yelling.

Maybe.  We get pictures too?

Ok, you get pictures too.

Deal. We won’t tell Mom.  But you have to be nice to us and let us tell stories sometimes too or else. You know what to do Yippity.

Right. Mooooooo-oooooooom!

I said it was a deal!  Sheesh.  I’m being blackmailed by  a dandelion puff and a cheese ball.

We heard that! Yeah, we heard dat!


Palentines Day

Oh man!  Today was the best day ever!  I got to spend Valentines Day with my bestest pal at his house!  We had a Palentine’s Day party!  And it was a surprises party too.  Flynn didn’t know I was coming over, our Moms set it up.

You didn’t know you were coming over either!  Your Grandpa dropped you off.

You should’ve seen the look on your face when Savannah let me in the house. PRICELESS.

Well I wasn’t expecting company, but I am always glad to play with a friend.

I’m sorry I chased Josie.  I didn’t mean to scare her.  I just was excited to say hi.

I keep telling her not to run.  If you run, we must chase, it’s just the way of the dog.


So true.  But enough about the cat! Let’s tell them about the rest of our Palentines day. We had an awesome time playing tug with your toys, and your hallway is perfect for chase games, but your backyard…it’s just…so cool!

It’s not really my backyard you know. 

I know, but it’s close enough to walk too.  And we got to walk down the road! Mom never lets us do that at our house, says its “too dangerious” Pffft. I laugh in the face of danger. AH HA HA HA!

Julianne’s right.  Your road has waaay more cars on it than mine. So you gonna tell ’em where we went or shall I?


I’ll do it!!  We walked down the road to this awesome place called Nathan Lester House.  It’s amazeballs.  I think it used to be a farm or something, but now its a museum and there’s hiking trails and that’s where we went.  We went on a two mile hike thru the snow!  I can’t believe you get to do that like every day.  You’re so lucky.  It was kinda hard to get thru all the snow though.

Only ’cause your short! 

Photo Feb 14, 3 42 28 PM.jpg



Can I tell them about the rest of Palentines Day after Mom and I picked you up from Flynn’s? 

Sure pal, go ahead.

But it’s my blog!  Ah, go ahead, if ya have to. 

Well, I’d be surprised if you can remember any of it.  You were sooo tired from that hike.

Was not.

You almost fell asleep in the middle of play group time!  Anyways, after we got Firefly at Flynn’s house, we had a Dog Scout Troop meeting to go to.  We learned about those good dog citizen tests you took at retreiver camp, Flynn.  I took one a really long time ago and passed it, but Ma says I should take it again before we take the harder ones.  Firefly and I are gonna work on that this summer.  We also had some surprise treats at the meeting because our mom was born on Palentines Day, so our friend Luna poodle’s mom baked her a birthday cake.  Mom even let us each have a nibble.  After the meeting and snack, we had a group play time.  Usually, Firefly is obnoxious and has to play with EVERYBODY, but this time she was so wiped from spending the day with you guys that she just layed down in the middle of the room.  The other dogs were all barking at her to play and nothing.  It was hilarious.  

Ok, so I was a little bit tired, but it was such a fun day.   I can’t wait for Palentines Day next year, I hope we get to do it again.