Pi Day!

This is so unfair.  

What’s unfair Pirate?  

Today’s my special day and it’s yucky out.

How is it your special day?  Your birthday isn’t until May.  It’s not chihuahua awareness day?  It’s not even grumpy big brother day!

It’s PI DAY!  That’s me!  I’m Pi the Pirate.  Mom calls me Pi-Pi and today is Pi day.  And it’s yucky out so we don’t even get to go do anything fun. 

Pi day?  Never heard of it before.  What do you do on Pi day?  Is there cake? 

No, of course not! There’s PIE.  We get to eat all the pie we want but we can’t even leave the house because it’s all snowy and rainy and gross outside. 

We gets pie?  What teh occasion?  I likes pie.  Where it at?

You know it’s not that kind of pie right? 

Is blueberry?  No, I know – apple!

It’s not either.  The humans call this Pi day because its March 14.  They write it 3/14 and in math…

MATH? Ewww.  Why celebrate math?  Silly.

In math there’s a special number that the humans call Pi and its 3.14159 and it keeps going on for a really long time but most people only know the 3.14 part.

Well I don’t know why the humans think math is better than pie, but it’s still my day and I want to celebrate.  Let’s do something fun.

Let’s go outside and run around in the snow.

That’s not fun.

Is for me and Flynn.

Let’s take naps. Yeah, naps!

That’s not fun either.

Is for us.

Mom hasn’t even done anything special for me today.

She didn’t go to work today, that’s kinda special.

Yeah, that is.  We got lots of extra snuggles and play time.  But we haven’t had any special snacks.  Holidays always have snacks.

What’s that smell?  It’s smells delish.

It’s dinner!  Chicken pot PIE!  Guess mom didn’t forget it was my day.  Let’s go eat.

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I’m a genius.

I totally invented the bestest game ever today while we were at the field! We were playing fetch and Savannah was throwing the ball for me ’cause I’m a better retriever than Flynn ’cause he’s broken or something.


Well anyway, we was playing fetch and Savannah put the Chuck-it thrower down and Flynn picked it up and started running around with it. So I had an amazing idea and grabbed the end by the ball and started pulling and PRESTO! new game – Tug of Chuck-it!

It was great.  We tugged and tugged and then we both were running around the field holding the chucker and Savannah was chasing us.  I totally won though. High Score.







It’s my Burp Day!


“That’s gross.  You’re a girl.  Why did you do that?”

Because it’s my burp day.  I heard Mom say so.

“You’re such a dork.  Firefly, it’s your BIRTHDAY, not burp day.  Remember, I had mine last month.  We’re three years old now.”

Oh, that makes more sense!  Hey Flynn! Guess what?! Today’s my birthday!


Mom got me a new necklace for my birthday and your mom said she was gonna get me some special birthday cookies that I could share with you.  And you just know they’re gonna take us to the field, it just wouldn’t be an awesome birthday without getting to run and run and run and run.

“She got you a new leash and collar, not a necklace.  And yes, I heard your mom say we were going to get to run.”

It goes around my neck doesn’t it?  Therefore, necklace.  And it’s special, got my name on it and everything.  Mom even had the lady match the writing from that t.v. show my Mom says I’m kinda named after.

“I thought you were named for a bug?”

That too.  I’m named Firefly because I’m bright and shiny and flit from place to place, because the last fox terrier Ma had was called Cricket, and because there’s a show about space cowboys that Mom says I have bits and pieces of in me.  I think my name is the bestest.

“It definitely fits you.”

C’mon, we gots birthday stuff to do! *BURP* S’cuse me.

“Happy Birthday Firefly. Goofball.”

“I can’t believe you broke your hat.”

“I CAN’T believe you actually wore it willingly.”