Hi Everybody!  I’d like to introduce you to one of our friends today.  This is our friend Disel. He’s a big giant scary dangerous pit bull evil supervillain from the planet Mars with acid drool and robo-hearing!  Just kidding!  (He really is a pit bull, but I made that other stuff up).

Photo Mar 08, 5 04 00 PM

He can fly though, just like me and Flynn.  I like Disel cuz we’re both terriers.  That means we like a lot of the same stuff, like runnin’, and barkin’ and tennis balls, and tuggin’ toys and stuff like that.

We met up with Disel for some chasin’ time yesterday after Mom and Savannah took us shopping for some new dog training books.  Ma’s got A LOT of dog teaching books.  I don’t know why she needed more.  She says it helps us dogs get smarter, but I’m already a genius so I don’t get it.  Whatevs.  Humans are weird. 

There were these little cubbies near the field we were playing at, so Pirate and I decided to pretend we were some of Mom’s books.  Pretty funny huh?

Photo Mar 08, 5 03 28 PM

Let me tell you a little more about Disel.  His dad is Max.  Max works at the doggy training place with mine and Flynn’s moms.  Disel is a canine good citizen just like Flynn and he’s a certified Therapy dog too.  He knows all kinds of cool stuff.  Disel goes lots of places with his dad to act as a doggy ambassador.   That means he teaches people how well behaved and smart and fun us pups can be.  So yeah, he’s exactly the opposite of a supervillain.  I guess that makes him a hero?  Yeah!  A hero! I’m friends with a hero. A people-lovin’, high-flyin’, tennis ball chasin’ super-hero with super sonic bark power, super speed and x-ray vision.  Yeah. 

Photo Mar 08, 5 06 47 PM (1)

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