OH MAN! I’m so excited! I have to tell you all about the Barn Hunt trial today!  It was so exciting!  And I was awesome as usual!  First off, for those of you who don’t know what Barn Hunting is, it’s a dog sport and I’m super amazing at it.  It’s just so much fun and I was born to do it.  What ya got to do is find a RAT!  It’s a real live rat too.  Don’t worry, the ratties don’t get hurt.  So the rat is in a tube made out of pvc and then the humans hide the tube in a maze made out of hay bales.  There’s mountains of hay bales and a tunnel in the hay bales too.  Then your human takes you into the ring and holds you back until the judge says its ok to go and then whammo! It’s all up to you now.  You gotta run over those hay bales, and thru that tunnel, and most importantly you gotta sniff out those sneaky stinky rats and tell your momma where they are.  I do that part by trying to dig them up and barking at them.  Sometimes I get a little excited and bite at the tubes a little.  Then the humans take the rat away!  I don’t really think this part is fair, I mean, I found it fair and square but I guess it’s part of the game, so I have to live with it. 


This is me and mom in the start box.  I can smell those stinky rats already.


Let the hunt begin!


Gotta make sure you do your tunnel before time runs out or you won’t qualify. 


There was a rat in the top of this pile.  She thought she was gonna get away from me, but I found her.


Any rats up here?  They can be anywhere except in the tunnel and 3 feet from the starting box.

2017-02-19-13-12-322017-02-19-13-12-40This is an advanced course obviously.  I hunt at the Senior level.  The very first level is instinct, then novice, open, senior and master.  The instinct level you just have to find one rat.  You don’t even have to do a tunnel and the tubes are all out in the open for you.  Next is novice.  You still only have to find one rat, but now the tubes are hidden and you also have to do the tunnel and a climb, which just means you have to get all your feet on a hay bale. At Open level you have to tunnel and climb but now there’s TWO rats and one must be hidden up high.  For Novice and Open and Senior you have to have three qualifying runs to earn your title and move to the next level.  The humans call those Q’s. 


You gotta  make sure you check all the fluffy spots or you might miss a rat.


This is the rat wrangler taking MY rat away.  I gotta give her a little bit of a hard time but it’s ok, she’s my friend.

Mom says I shouldn’t do that, since it wastes time, but it’s kinda fun.


Thi is me and mom with my first place ribbon from a couple trials ago.


These are my ribbons from today.  I got first place and a Q and High in Trial.  High in Trial means I was the fastest of everybody at my level.  I’ve got TWO of these now.  Q’s are how you get your titles.  I only need one more for my senior title.  Then I can add RATS to the end of my name.


My brother Yip did barn hunt for awhile too before he got too old and Mom retired him.  Yippity has his instinct and novice titles. 

Here’s a picture of Yippity with his ribbons.


I’m kinda impressed he’s got a first place.  Dude’s slow as molasses. 

Pirate has some ribbons too.  He doesn’t exactly “hunt” for the rats.  He finds them but he’s sniffing them out so they can be rescued.  Isn’t that weird?  I have the most ribbons though.

So that’s all about barn hunting.  I can’t wait to go again.  Rrrrreadyyyy?  Find those rats!




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