What’s This?

What’s dis?  What’s dis? Why’s Firefly got all theses pictures all over. I don’ know.  We gots pictures on here?  I don’t see any. 

It’s my adventure blog and you two don’t get one cause you’re boring. 

WE IS NOT!!  I wants a blog.  I demands one.  What a blog?  

It’s where I get to tell all my friends about my awesome adventures.  Now why don’t you two get back in yer basket before I bites ya. 

NOT ALLOWED TO BITES US! Momma will give you a time out. I’m telling! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!

Geez, chill out.  It was just a joke.  If I let you be on my blog will you stop yelling.

Maybe.  We get pictures too?

Ok, you get pictures too.

Deal. We won’t tell Mom.  But you have to be nice to us and let us tell stories sometimes too or else. You know what to do Yippity.

Right. Mooooooo-oooooooom!

I said it was a deal!  Sheesh.  I’m being blackmailed by  a dandelion puff and a cheese ball.

We heard that! Yeah, we heard dat!



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