Palentines Day

Oh man!  Today was the best day ever!  I got to spend Valentines Day with my bestest pal at his house!  We had a Palentine’s Day party!  And it was a surprises party too.  Flynn didn’t know I was coming over, our Moms set it up.

You didn’t know you were coming over either!  Your Grandpa dropped you off.

You should’ve seen the look on your face when Savannah let me in the house. PRICELESS.

Well I wasn’t expecting company, but I am always glad to play with a friend.

I’m sorry I chased Josie.  I didn’t mean to scare her.  I just was excited to say hi.

I keep telling her not to run.  If you run, we must chase, it’s just the way of the dog.


So true.  But enough about the cat! Let’s tell them about the rest of our Palentines day. We had an awesome time playing tug with your toys, and your hallway is perfect for chase games, but your backyard…it’s just…so cool!

It’s not really my backyard you know. 

I know, but it’s close enough to walk too.  And we got to walk down the road! Mom never lets us do that at our house, says its “too dangerious” Pffft. I laugh in the face of danger. AH HA HA HA!

Julianne’s right.  Your road has waaay more cars on it than mine. So you gonna tell ’em where we went or shall I?


I’ll do it!!  We walked down the road to this awesome place called Nathan Lester House.  It’s amazeballs.  I think it used to be a farm or something, but now its a museum and there’s hiking trails and that’s where we went.  We went on a two mile hike thru the snow!  I can’t believe you get to do that like every day.  You’re so lucky.  It was kinda hard to get thru all the snow though.

Only ’cause your short! 

Photo Feb 14, 3 42 28 PM.jpg



Can I tell them about the rest of Palentines Day after Mom and I picked you up from Flynn’s? 

Sure pal, go ahead.

But it’s my blog!  Ah, go ahead, if ya have to. 

Well, I’d be surprised if you can remember any of it.  You were sooo tired from that hike.

Was not.

You almost fell asleep in the middle of play group time!  Anyways, after we got Firefly at Flynn’s house, we had a Dog Scout Troop meeting to go to.  We learned about those good dog citizen tests you took at retreiver camp, Flynn.  I took one a really long time ago and passed it, but Ma says I should take it again before we take the harder ones.  Firefly and I are gonna work on that this summer.  We also had some surprise treats at the meeting because our mom was born on Palentines Day, so our friend Luna poodle’s mom baked her a birthday cake.  Mom even let us each have a nibble.  After the meeting and snack, we had a group play time.  Usually, Firefly is obnoxious and has to play with EVERYBODY, but this time she was so wiped from spending the day with you guys that she just layed down in the middle of the room.  The other dogs were all barking at her to play and nothing.  It was hilarious.  

Ok, so I was a little bit tired, but it was such a fun day.   I can’t wait for Palentines Day next year, I hope we get to do it again.





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