It’s my Burp Day!


“That’s gross.  You’re a girl.  Why did you do that?”

Because it’s my burp day.  I heard Mom say so.

“You’re such a dork.  Firefly, it’s your BIRTHDAY, not burp day.  Remember, I had mine last month.  We’re three years old now.”

Oh, that makes more sense!  Hey Flynn! Guess what?! Today’s my birthday!


Mom got me a new necklace for my birthday and your mom said she was gonna get me some special birthday cookies that I could share with you.  And you just know they’re gonna take us to the field, it just wouldn’t be an awesome birthday without getting to run and run and run and run.

“She got you a new leash and collar, not a necklace.  And yes, I heard your mom say we were going to get to run.”

It goes around my neck doesn’t it?  Therefore, necklace.  And it’s special, got my name on it and everything.  Mom even had the lady match the writing from that t.v. show my Mom says I’m kinda named after.

“I thought you were named for a bug?”

That too.  I’m named Firefly because I’m bright and shiny and flit from place to place, because the last fox terrier Ma had was called Cricket, and because there’s a show about space cowboys that Mom says I have bits and pieces of in me.  I think my name is the bestest.

“It definitely fits you.”

C’mon, we gots birthday stuff to do! *BURP* S’cuse me.

“Happy Birthday Firefly. Goofball.”

“I can’t believe you broke your hat.”

“I CAN’T believe you actually wore it willingly.”



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