Hi! *boing* Hi! *boing* Hi! *boing* HI, I’m Firefly! *boing*

“Would you stand still for two seconds?”

But I’m excited to meet everybody!

“You’re excited about everything”

That’s true. I love things! ALL THE THINGS!! Squirrels, and food, and swimming, and tuggy, and balls, and…

“This is what I meant. Sit! Stay! For two minutes. I’ll do the introductions”. 

“Welcome friend.  My name is Flynn, and my bouncy little spaz of a friend over there is Firefly.  We started this blog with the help of our humans to tell you about our adventures.  Oh, how we love to adventure!”

ARE YOU DONE YET?! I want to tell them a story!

“Chill. I need to tell them a little about us first and then you can tell them all the stories you want.”


“As I was saying. My name is Flynn.  I am a 3 year old Golden Retriever. My human is Savannah.  She takes all the awesome pictures you’ll see on here.  The impatient ball of fur over there is Firefly.  She’s a 3 year old Smooth Fox Terrier. I’m the older of the two of us. Only by three weeks! – You’re not helping your cause Fly. Firefly’s human is Julianne.  She’s the one who runs the blog.  Some other things you need to know about us?  I’m an only dog.  I do live with a kitty cat named Josie.  Firefly has lots of brothers and sisters.  Sometimes they’ll come on our adventures too. She also has a kitty at her house. Our humans work together at a doggy day care and training center.  They’re also very good friends, just like me and Firefly.  They’re also very different from each other just like me and Firefly. Firefly and I and Firefly’s siblings all belong to Dog Scouts.  Sometimes other dogs from our troop come on our adventures. You can learn more about all of us on the About page.  If I don’t let the terrier talk soon she might explode.”

FINALLY!  That’s boring stuff.  I wanna get to the adventures!  As I was saying before Mr. Serious interrupted me, I’m Firefly and this is my adventure blog!  My human said that I could come on here and tell everybody about all the totally cool and awesome stuff that I get to do with my best bud Flynn and my brothers and sisters.  Flynn said he’d help me out because I have a tendency to exaggerate, whatever that means.  Mom says it means I have a good imagination. I say it means I tell awesome stories! SO, I hope you’ll stick around and be our new friend and let me tell you awesome stories! Wanna play fetch?


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